What is the Weekend Reccs?

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Who writes the Reccs?

My name is Harrison Satcher. At my day job I am a part of a team that applies data, behavioral insights, and entrepreneurial grit to make the world a better place under the guidance of Freakonomics’ Steve Levitt.

I studied economics and psychology while at Harvard, and continue to be very interested in both. When I was a kid I joined a program called Youth In Government through the YMCA, and ever since I have been incredibly passionate about civic life, politics, and the intricacies of good policymaking.

This newsletter is born of those experiences and passions. I may not have all the technical language of experts, but readers tell me they enjoy the range and deep curiosity I bring to each issue I write. I’ll hope you’ll join me in exploring those curiosities.

Why do I write the Weekend Reccs?

The Weekend Reccs started after I jammed too many friends’ inboxes with my thoughts and articles recommendations. After sending four emails to the same three people in one day, I took a good friend’s advice and started a weekly email with a few recommendations on good reads from the prior week’s news cycle.

As more people asked to receive the thread I began hosting it on Substack to simplify logistics and allow anyone to join.

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